• Hot Luck!

    Friday, April 14
    from 7-? pm

    Kicking off your Weekend with our popular pitch-in picnic.

    Bring a hot dish and show off your culinary skills. Treat your mouth to spicy food delights from around the world are brought to the winery.  To paraphrase one of our favorite hot sauces- Mo' Hotter, Mo' Better!!

    There are dishes from Africa, South America and India as well as Texas and the American Southwest represented.

  • Marketplace

     April 15th

    Saturday will be the Fiery Foods Exhibition, with the Steinhardt heating and A/C's Big Geen Eggs, vendors of chile-laden products, and the the driving Rockabilly with The Slick River Rockets at 6pm!!!! And a special spicy Jamaican Dinner fired up by the Steinhardt folks!   Thank you and stay tuned- and- keep it hot!


  • Chileheads Sunday Brunch

     April 16th

    A demand encore from 2022's WOW! event, The Chilehead Brunch will take place at our friends- The Off Broadway Taproom!  Brilliant selections of specially crafted Chilehead dishes to keep the fire going!  Check for details!

    Be there
    or be mild!